What You Need to Know About 4-Post Car Lifts


If you're in the market for a 4-post car lift, Mechanic Superstore has a huge selection of used 2-post car lifts and is here to help you make the best decision for your vehicle. For heavy-duty lifting, look no further than the AMGO OH-15 two-post car lift, which has a capacity of 15000 pounds. This two-post lift is constructed from durable materials with a self-lubricating bush and high-quality parts. Mechanic Superstore's selection is second to none and will ensure that you find the best lift for your budget.

Amgo Hydraulics

AMGO Hydraulics manufactures the industry's best car lifts. From scissor lifts to single post car lifts, they can handle any size car. Their unique designs and bang-for-your-buck pricing have won them over many mechanics. If you own a commercial garage, AMGO Hydraulics is an excellent choice. With a proven track record of quality and innovation, they are the perfect choice for any garage.

The AMGO four-post models provide generous lifting capacities and include a manual safety release. The AMGO four-post lifts also feature extra-wide runways and a double-locking safety device. In addition, they have a sturdy design, a single-point release device, and over six feet of under vehicle access. The height ranges from 29" to 79" so the AMGO four-post car lift is the perfect solution for any garage.


If you're considering upgrading to a car lift, you're in luck! Dannmar car lifts use the best design, materials, and technology, and are easy to operate. They offer the best safety features, too, including multi-position safety locks. The four-post design solves the space problem by maximizing your garage's height, without taking up precious floor space.

There are four different types of car lifts available. There are also four quick-mount casters for easy mobility, a mobile jack tray, and hardened steel tire stops and wheel chocks. The Dannmar D4-9 car lift comes with four casters for easy maneuverability and a lightweight polyethylene drip tray. Some models even have glide rails to make them easier to move from one vehicle to another.


If you're looking to expand your shop's service offerings and increase profitability, a Challenger 4-post car lift is an excellent choice. These lifts offer the most space under a vehicle and are suitable for both light and heavy duty vehicles. The company also offers a variety of different configurations to suit your needs. In addition to professional-grade lifts, Challenger also makes two-post lifts that are perfect for home garages.

The Challenger CL4P9 Series is a 9,000 lb. capacity four-post car lift that is perfect for residential and commercial storage, light general service, and enthusiast use. It provides 80 inches of clearance when fully raised. This lift is also ALI-certified for safety. Mechanic Superstore offers the Challenger CL4P9 series in a variety of different capacities.


The GrandPrix car lift redefines what is possible with a two-post lift. Its telescoping low-profile arms are ideal for handling vehicles with low ground clearance. Moreover, it has two-post support design that allows it to safely and securely lift up to 7,000 pounds. The GrandPrix lift also comes with Bi-metric(tm) arms that can accommodate both symmetric and asymmetric handling.

The GrandPrix is a commercial-grade two-post lift, designed for garages with lower ceilings. It offers incredible headroom for its size. The GrandPrix is not only suited for personal garages, but also for professional shops. Its reduced-width side posts save two feet of steel and space. The result is a more efficient workspace, more customers, and higher profits.


The Atlas(r) 4 post car lift is made specifically for commercial use and is available in two weight capacities: 12,000 pounds and 14,000 pounds. It comes with a single-point lock release and an air-operated release system for maximum safety. It is also UL listed for commercial use and features an automatic shut-off switch to prevent accidental operation. It is recommended for professional shops, garages, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

The Atlas 4 post-car lift is a good investment in your health and safety. It makes it easy to work under your car. You can rent a lift for a certain amount of time or buy one in full. Atlas garage lifts are relatively inexpensive and require only a small investment of time and money. For the most part, they can be rented for four hours, assuming you are willing to do a bit of assembly work.